SEE bubblewrap 06.06.24

SEE has launched its new inflatable packaging system to provide medium-throughput businesses with on-demand cushioning and wrapping, which is said to contain a minimum of 30% recycled content. 

The Bubble Wrap Inflator has been specifically designed for smaller operations, where workspace is at a premium. The system can produce BUBBLE WRAP brand bubble materials on-demand at speeds of up to 24 metres per minute, reducing the space needed for storing protective packaging materials. 

The system also aims to save workspace through its small footprint, which measures 43.2cm long, by 30.5cm wide and 54.6cm high. A user interface is used to operate the new system, apparently requiring little or no training. The interface provides preventative maintenance alerts to notify if servicing is needed. 

The Inflator is designed to run a range of different grades of Bubble Wrap IB films including medium, large and extra-large bubble sized films, which contain a minimum of 30% recycled content and are compatible with mechanical recycling streams of LDPE. The company adds that the degree of recyclability of the final package depends on the specific product configuration or components intended for recycling, and the scope and availability of appropriate local recycling facilities. 

Eric Van Der Kallen, portfolio marketing director, EMEA at SEE, commented: “The system is plug and play, and can be quickly set up on a bench, wall mounted or integrated into existing pack stations. It weighs less than 13kg and doesn’t require any compressed air to create inflatable cushioning and wrapping. This can help to reduce maintenance requirements and increase system uptime.” 

In May, Liquibox, now part of SEE, introduced the Liquibox Universal Self-Sealing Cap in response to growing demands for closed dairy dispensing systems in the foodservice industry. Aimed at restaurants, convenience stores, petrol stations and catering institutions, it is designed for applications such as milk dispensers and frothers for bean-to-cup coffee machines, smoothie and frappe dispensers, and soft-serve ice cream dispensers. 

Earlier in the year, Fourniture Industrie Service (FIS) announced it had produced bubble wrap made of recycled kraft paper, in a bid to meet demand for sustainability-minded packaging without compromising on product protection. Designed to replace traditional plastic bubble wrap, FIS’ paper alternative consists of two layers of recycled kraft paper filled with air bubbles. 

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