monta has added a new paper tape – featuring a natural rubber adhesive and backing reportedly sourced from sustainable forestry – to its Greenline range in hopes of streamlining customers’ transitions into mono-material, recyclable packaging solutions.

The tape is coated at monta’s production site in Germany and incorporates a new formula for a natural rubber adhesive. As such, it is said to provide ‘significantly higher’ immediate tack and adhesive strength values and reliably seal light to medium-heavy cardboard boxes, mail bags, pouches, and cartons.

Once sealed at room temperature, the tape can resist moisture and temperatures of up to 60°C short-term. It is also said to be compatible with water-based ink and provide high-quality print results.

Featuring a carrier made from chlorine-free (ECF) bleached pulp, which is reportedly sourced from sustainable forestry, the tape itself is silicone-free and does not contain synthetic plastics. It can therefore be recycled alongside the carton pack itself.

Customers can choose between monta 843, which features a brown backing and transparent adhesive for a natural aesthetic; and, for clearer print results, monta 852 with a white adhesive on pure white paper.

monta recommends the tape as a plastic-free alternative to filmic tapes to facilitate the use of mono-material packaging solutions. Apparently, it is easy to tear by hand with easy, low noise unwinding while also maintaining its adhesive strength.

Packaging retailers, printers, industrial users, contract packers, organic product manufacturers, and green e-commerce retailers are among monta’s list of potential customers, with the tape expected to cut down on their material usage, thus reducing waste and saving both time and money.

Other developments in sustainability-minded packaging tape came from tesa last year. Its tesa 51344 paper-based tear tape, designed for shipping envelopes and boxes, sought to negate the need to separate adhesive tapes from board and paper waste; while its certified-recyclable 60408 packaging tape constitutes a paper-based backing, natural rubber adhesive, and bio-based resin with a total bio-based carbon content of 92%.

Ahlstrom also expanded its range of fibre-based tape backing solutions for water-activated and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

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