Two new tamper-evident labelling products from AIPIA member Securikett are aimed at two very different product segments and expand the offering to containers with screwcaps and the luxury product segment.

Product packaging with screw caps and twist mechanism has always been a special challenge for protection to safeguard consumers from illegal refills. The Austrian label manufacturer has been offering security labels for this segment for many years but has decided to implement the new ‘HighContrast’ technology for screw cap labels as well. A striking opening-effect ensures a unique opening experience, the company says. Any detachment or transfer of the security label is immediately indicated.

It is particularly suitable for securing reclosable packaging, according to the company. The security closure labels are suitable for tubes, jars and plastic containers with screw or hinged closures. If the closure is unscrewed or flipped open, the label is destroyed along the integrated punching, making an opening clearly visible and impossible to stick back or reuse.

“If the label is cut open along the closure cap, the security seal will curl. With conventional seals this type of opening is often not immediately visible to the naked eye. With this seal, you can see this at first glance,” explains Vanessa Mitterer, head of research and development at Securikett.

For the luxury industry the new DiamondVOID security labels provide effective protection against product counterfeiting and enhance product packaging, claims the company.

As the luxury industry finds product counterfeiting is a major challenge brand owners are challenged to find creative protection solutions for their products. Securikett has established itself as a pioneer in the field of product and brand protection and offered the fully transparent ‘HighContrastVOID’, for a high level of product protection without affecting the external appearance of the product.

Now the company has gone one step further and has launched ‘DiamondVOID’, a security label specifically designed for brand owners to enhance high-quality packaging and featuring striking and non-reversible opening effects. “Until now, it was not possible to integrate opening effects into fully foiled labels, but with the development of the ‘DiamondVOID’ this is now feasible,” says Mitterer.

Originally developed as a label for champagne boxes, the ‘DiamondVOID’ security label can be applied to any product packaging. The film, which shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow, visually enhances the packaging. When the label is peeled off, a previously imperceptible motif becomes visible and the consumer experiences an “unforgettable unpackaging experience,” it claims.

The motif of the opening effect can be individualized, and company logos or the company’s own corporate design can be discreetly integrated. Werner Horn, managing partner and founder of Securikett, says: “The luxury industry is highly affected by counterfeiting, and the demands for product protection have grown considerably. With our new DiamondVOID technology, we offer a simple and effective solution for tamper protection of high-value products.”

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