Loftware 20.03.24

Loftware has launched its Loftware Cloud labelling platform at LogiMAT 2024, designed to help businesses with supply chain complexities, ensure supplier compliance and improve traceability. 

The solution can apparently design, manage, and print millions of labels per day, aiming to improve on legacy manual error-prone processes and facilitate high-performance supply chain label printing. 

Loftware Cloud is designed to meet the needs of all businesses of various sizes and industries. The company claims its fast deployment times, high availability and flexibility helps companies meet a range of business challenges, including increasing customer requirements and evolving regulatory compliance. 

Loftware says that, with its cloud labelling platform, suppliers and co-packers can print labels using pre-approved templates and data. Businesses can regulate access to the platform, gaining a record of each label printed and guaranteeing that labels meet compliance and brand standards, eliminating re-labelling, saving time, and reducing costs. 

Loftware Cloud also supports track and trace and serialization initiatives. The company states that organizations using Loftware’s solution experience reduced rework, lower scrap rates, and a decreased need for relabeling, preventing inventory loss and removing the need for product recalls. 

In similar news, Domino Printing Sciences launched its new Mx-Series print and apply labelling machines, designed to automate traceability coding and enhance visibility across the supply chain. The series aspires for the fully integrated, automated, GS1-compliant coding of products and pallets – responding to a growing worldwide market for logistics labels, increasing calls for traceability in global supply chains, and the subsequent demand for fast, accurate, and reliable data sharing in product labelling solutions. 

Last month DTM Print produced new biobased papers, mono-material label materials and a new colour label printer aiming towards enhanced recyclability, increased efficiency, and reduced environmental impact during label production processes. DTM EcoTec Hemp Paper sources all its fibres from hemp, which can reportedly be harvested up to three times a year as opposed to the seven-year cycle of plantation trees. These fibres are five times longer than wood pulp and, according to DTM Print, unlock both tear resistance and recyclability.

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