Coveris has added recyclable, mono-material paper to its pre-made block bottom bag range, intending to balance premium aesthetics with product protection, recyclability in existing paper waste streams, and a general reduction in packaging waste.

The pre-made bags hold an international certificate from the Interseroh+ Recycling Alliance and were tested at the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging to validate their recyclability under existing systems. Made of 100% paper, the bags are said to be fully recyclable while still protecting the products inside the pack.

“At Coveris we built our entire sustainability strategy around the vision of No Waste as we believe that fighting waste in all its forms is the driving force of a more sustainable future,” said Melinda Bonamour, market development director of Paper Flexibles at Coveris. “With our new block bottom bags, we want to emphasize the need for recyclable, convenient and premium-looking paper solutions.”

The bags are designed for easy integration into existing packing lines; they are available in a range of sizes with a maximum of 4kg, and have been designed for various contents and applications. Finishing options include hot foil embossing, high gloss or matt finish, metallization, and transparent windows.

“As a result, they offer an attractive alternative for premium, long shelf life and ambient products,” Bonamour continued. “These pre-made mono-material paper bags answer food brands’ demand for effective, attractive packaging with a sustainable look and feel.”

A similar development saw Iceland Foods produce reusable, recyclable carrier bags using Paptic’s wood fibre-based material. Designed to carry heavy, wet, and frozen goods, the bags are moisture-resistant and can be folded up to be stored, transported, and reused; they are said to utilize 40% less raw material than other strong paper solutions.

Consumer brands and retailers have also begun to embrace paper packaging. In an effort to eliminate one million pieces of plastic from the product line in one year, M&S is wrapping its early-season Jersey Royal potatoes in 100% recyclable paper; and Walkers has transitioned its Snack A Jacks multipacks into paper outer bags in a bid to lower the brand’s annual virgin plastic consumption by 65 tonnes.

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