AIPIA member VerifyMe Inc, together with its subsidiaries Trust Codes Global and PeriShip Global, which provides brand owners with time and temperature-sensitive logistics, supply chain traceability, authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and data-rich brand enhancement services, are demonstrating their connected packaging solution in conjunction with Amcor, a fellow member, at Pack Expo in Las Vegas between September 11-13, 2023.

The company is working with Amcor to demonstrate that digital transformation is possible without significant process change, using a “digital ready” concept leveraging a unique identifier on every pack.

The evolution of connected packaging and GS1-driven 2D barcode migration means consumer-facing companies are increasingly adopting digital capabilities on packaging to protect their brand, facilitate traceability, and engage with conscious and curious consumers.

Don Schnabel, marketing director - meat, poultry, and seafood at Amcor said, “The beauty of connected packaging is that multiple objectives can be achieved through one unique code on each package, enabling a frictionless experience for consumers and ultimate traceability for processors.”

“We were able to demonstrate the capability to print unique GS1-compliant QR codes on demand using our Moda Bag. This ‘on-demand’ making unit can print both fixed and variable graphics on-site at the processor. The unit is wash-down ready and is built to replace a rack of premade bags on the packaging floor. “

The VerifyMe solution integrates with the new GS1 Digital Link standard to provide traceability through the supply chain to end consumers, while at the same time helping brands and producers to comply with traceability regulations such as the US FDA Food Traceability Rule, it says. Consumers are increasingly curious about the provenance and attributes of the food they are consuming, and this technology provides a channel to share that information backed by data-driven evidence.

Adam Stedham, president and CEO of VerifyMe added, “We were delighted that Amcor was able to demonstrate our connected packaging solution at Pack Expo, Las Vegas. VerifyMe acquired, the New Zealand-based, Trust Codes Global to vertically integrate its technology stack, brand protection, and brand enhancement offerings into our Authentication Segment.

“We believe it’s deep domain expertise and product development in machine learning and AI, as well as industry expertise in food, nutrition, beverage, and nutraceuticals, provides the capability to deliver better outcomes to customers facing counterfeit, brand connection and diversion issues.”

“Incorporating the Trust Codes Global product cloud into VerifyMe’s Authentication services significantly elevates our traceability offering. As a product offering, our clients have access to data-driven brand protection and standards-based traceability out of the box.

“It is a proven platform with customers who are leading the way in traceability and GS1 2D barcode migration. We believe VerifyMe is well-positioned to lead North American and European customers along the journey of complying with new traceability requirements,” he concluded.

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