Industry leader FUCHS Lubricants is to unveil a new smaller Lube Cube as the company continues to move away from plastic packaging.

Forward-thinking FUCHS has seen huge success with its 20L Lube Cube and expects its smaller, 5L option to be just as popular.

With the innovative Lube Cube, FUCHS’ premium lubricants are packaged in a bag within a fully recyclable cardboard box.

The concept offers a highly eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic bottles. Moreover, the Lube Cubes are easier to store, use and dispose of.

Rosemary Mellor, automotive product manager at FUCHS, said: “We’re delighted to now offer our Lube Cube concept in this smaller 5L format.

“Our customers can now choose the Cube which suits them to improve their green credentials, while saving precious space.

“Our customers are very conscious about buying products which are environmentally responsible. The Lube Cube offers an easy way for people to use less plastic and recycle more – but there are many other benefits also.

“We envisage a day when plastic oil containers are a thing of the past, and this is another step on that journey.”

The shape and size of the Lube Cube means they can be easily handled and stacked on top of each other, making them far more space efficient than traditional plastic bottles.

Rosemary said 60 per cent more oil can be stored on a pallet of Lube Cubes compared to plastic bottles.

The storage benefits are even greater when the oil has run out. Rather than having empty bottles lying around waiting to be collected, the Lube Cube can be hand-crushed to next to nothing and disposed of in the normal licenced recycling waste.

There are savings to be made as well as it costs around £2.50 to properly dispose of a plastic bottle, which is almost completely eradicated with the Lube Cube.

With a fast and controlled flow at all times, with no surging or glugging, the Lube Cube with its integrated tap is easy to dispense from and has an instant switch-off so that when the tap is closed, the flow ceases immediately.

The wraps will be officially taken off the 5L Lube Cube at Automechanika Birmingham, June 5-7.

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