Stand H70 sees the official UK launch of the new X34 x-ray inspection system from Mettler-Toledo, which features improved sensitivity and software in order to detect much smaller contaminants than was previously possible.

The X34 x-ray inspection system provides detection of metal, glass, high-density plastic, mineral stone and calcified bone fragments across a wide range of packaged foods: eliminating costly product recalls and protecting brand reputations. The system also comes with advanced software that enables automated product set-up, dramatically decreasing the chance of human error and greatly reducing the number of false rejects. The system automatically ensures that power and contrast levels are optimized for every product, resulting in enhanced detection performance. This means the X34 does not always have to run at its full 100W output to achieve the best results, delivering power savings to the end user. All this makes for more efficient and profitable operations, while delivering excellent return on investment.

The new x-ray system is just one example of how Mettler-Toledo solutions and services can improve every stage of the food manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product.  It will be accompanied by the company’s range of industrial bench and floor scales, load cell and weigh module systems and weighing data capture software and solutions.