This unprecedented technical session comes after the positive response obtained during the first lamination course in German.

The Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre will offer a flexographic printing course in German next year. This new advanced technical session, never done before in German language, comes after the great success obtained during the first laminating course in German that took place at the end of last March with assistants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Comexi CTec programs annually about twenty courses and technical sessions for clients. Different training courses linked to the different phases of the printing and converting process of the flexible packaging industry with witch the Comexi CTec - as a knowledge driver in the flexible packaging sector - transmit all its knowledge and experience improving the competitiveness and productivity of the companies.

This new addition adds to the formative premieres that the CTec has scheduled for this year, apart from the successful German lamination course, such as the advanced technical slitting session in English that is going to be held this November and a new gravure session in Spanish.

Success of the lamination course in German

The premiere of the lamination course in German last March was a great success. Until now the Comexi CTec had offered this training only in Spanish and English. With the aim of reaching more customers and answering a clear demand, this year for the first time Comexi’s experts made this intensive course in German, especially dedicated to deepening into the principles of lamination.

 During three days the fifteen assistants - managers, brand owners, production managers, senior laminating technicians and quality managers - from German, Swiss and Austrian conversion companies were able to learn about the characteristics of adhesives, films and the latest solutions developed to optimize production and solve the most common problems that arise in the field of lamination. Furthermore, the participants were able to apply the knowledge acquired during the course through practical sessions.

This advanced technical training counted with large number of external speakers and collaborators such as Aimplas, who deepened in the kind of materials used in the flexible packaging sector, Ahlbrandt, in the field of corona treatment, Siegwerk, which transmitted its knowledge in laminating inks, BASF, that talked about biodegradable materials and Henkel, who unveiled the latest developments in adhesives and their application.

"The attendees who had not previously participated in our courses emphasized the high level of the training, the usefulness of the knowledge exposed and the good planning and organization of the course. We have received many praises and very good evaluations", emphasizes CTec’s Academic Area Coordinator, Glòria Deulofeu. Specifically the assistants, some of whom sent appreciation notes, assured that they would share all the knowledge acquired with the rest of their teams. The CTec plans to repeat this lamination course in German between 2019 and 2020.

New flexographic technical session in German

For all these reasons and taking into account the importance of Germany as one of the main markets in this sector, the Manel Xifra Boada Technology Centre has already scheduled a new advanced course on flexographic printing, also in German, for 2018. This course is added to the extensive academic training that CTec performs annually.

During this specific four-day training in flexography, participants will have the opportunity to discover, both at a practical and theoretical level, the main elements that conforms a flexographic press, functions and technical characteristics of the press as well as the control of variables: sleeves, anilox, color management process, solvent based or water based inks and the different materials used in the flexible packaging sector. Besides, emphasizing in the increase of efficiency, there will be performed a rapid change of work and flexographic printing problems will be analyzed, showing possible solutions to obtain an improvement in productivity.

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