Servicepoint Oy, Medfiles Ltd, and NewIcon, three companies serving the pharmaceutical industry and logistics, have initiated cooperation to safeguard the development, manufacturing, and logistics of medicines. 

The three companies offer together their networked expertise as a wide combination of services in development manufacturing, and ensuring the safety of use of medicines from pharmaceutical research all the way to the patient.  

"Servicepoint offers the pharmaceutical, medical device, as well as other sensitive manufacturing industry automatic serialization packaging systems as all-inclusive turnkey solutions. The level of automation is tailored to customer's requirements and production capacity. We keep a watch on the regulatory developments in the market areas, such as China, EU, Russia, and USA, to provide our customers with up-to-date service", states CEO Pekka Hoffrén, Servicepoint Oy. "We can also provide a full maintenance service. With our vast experience, we can always offer the most economically efficient solution also for retrofit or upgrade needs on existing production lines. Servicepoint sees or cooperation as an answer to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry."  

Medfiles offers R&D services for pharmaceutical, medical device, food and nutrition companies, as well as other clients in health care and related industries. “We produce an 'one-stop-shop' service package which offers rapid, fluent and cost-effective way of outsourcing the activities. Our services include pharmacovigilance, clinical trials (phases I-IV), product development and laboratory analytics, medical device, food and nutrition studies, regulatory affairs (both human and veterinary, food and nutrition) as well as health economics and market access services. The collaboration complements our wide range of services even wider”, notes CEO Tuija Keinonen, Medfiles Ltd.  

NewIcon Oy is a health technology company that develops and manufactures innovative new generation automation systems for medicine storing, distribution and dispensing. “Our products and services help to make the medicine logistics more efficient and improve patient safety in hospitals and pharmacies. We believe this cooperation will help us to reach also Asian professionals who want better medicine logistics through cooperation with us”, states Ossi Parviainen, CEO, NewIcon Oy.   

The three companies, combining their expertise, expect to be able to create brand new innovative products and services. The head offices of each of these companies are located within walking distance in the University of Eastern Finland Kuopio Campus. Several pharmaceutical companies are also located in the same campus, as well as relevant government agencies such as Fimea, National Institute for Health and Welfare THL, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health TTL, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. 

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