With its DP 230 direct web printer, MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has brought the first model of its new generation of direct web printers onto the market.

The space-saving and hygienic solution, which is very flexible in its use, complements the comprehensive range of existing products with a new high-performance direct web printer for integration in compact thermoforming packaging machines.

The DP 230 direct web printer, which is designed for integration in the MULTIVAC R 081 and R 085 thermoforming packaging machines, consists of a printer and a propulsion unit with x-axis and y-axis. This enables the printer to travel in both directions - and therefore to print in both the running and cross directions of the packaging film. Cut-off lengths of up to 400 mm can be printed.

The direct web printer is specially designed for the particular machine model and therefore forms a single unit with the packaging machine in its design and controls. The new servo drive technology provides the highest level of accuracy and maximum speeds. In comparison with earlier models, it has been possible to increase the speed by up to 15 per-cent. A complete enclosure ensures that there is maximum safety. In addition to this, no measurement runs are required any longer, which means that machine start and batch change can be performed more quickly.

The machine control for the DP 230 is integrated in the IPC control and HMI 2.0 user interface of the packaging machine. This makes it possible to operate the DP 230 particularly easily and above all reliably. The covers facilitate ergonomic handling during film change.

The space-saving DP 230 is installed over the sealing station of the thermoforming packaging machine. This means that the loading area remains fully usable. The hygiene features of the DP 230 have also been optimised. “With the machine version for food applications, we use a stainless steel enclosure made of hole plate, which ensures that optimum cleaning can be performed. When the DP 230 is used however in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the covers are designed as closed, so that products can not get caught in them undetected,” ex-plains Michael Reffke, Product Manager at MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection. 

Thermal transfer printing and thermal inkjet printing are available as the printing process. With the network-enabled TTO 06 thermal transfer printer, MULTIVAC has integrated the latest generation of thermal transfer printers. The cost-effective model, which has only been available on the market from January 2017, has a printing width of 32 mm and is suitable for narrow print areas, but it can also print barcodes and 2D codes, which are important in the medical product sector, with excellent quality and at higher output ranges.

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