Attendees in Brussels can see the innovative LB702-WB and LB701-UV machines in action and even have the opportunity to test their own jobs on the LB701-UV (Booth BOBST 3A59 / Hall 3)

Mouvent is providing live demonstrations of two of its digital label printers at Labelexpo this year, which takes place from 24 to 27 September 2019 in Brussels. On display will be the industrialized LB702-WB, a high net output digital label printer using 100% water-based inks, and LB701-UV, one of the smallest high flexibility, high productivity digital label printers in the world. Attendees will have the opportunity to bring and test own jobs on the LB701-UV (by appointment). In addition, a major new launch by BOBST at Labelexpo 2019 – a new hybrid label press called MASTER DM5 – is driven by MouventTM Digital Ink-Jet Technology Inside.

“Attendees at Labelexpo have the opportunity to see the full potential of digital label printing for themselves,” said Thierry Martin, CEO of Mouvent. “The LB702-WB is a really remarkable advance in digital label production as it uses only water-based inks, while the LB701-UV is extremely compact and ergonomic and enables highly flexible label production. These machines are the future of digital label printing.”

LB702-WB uses only 100% water-based, in-house developed Mouvent™ Inks, making it 100% free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and 100% indirect food contact compliant. The machine can run with up to 100 m/min on a broad range of substrates of up to 360 mm wide, from self-adhesive to wet-glue labelstock especially targeting applications where migration and recyclability could be an issue, washable labels being just one example.

The LB702-WB’s high print quality of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi leads to exceptional results on complex substrates such as textured natural wine label papers and many others. And thanks to its all-new coating station applying the proprietary MouventTM Primer, even cheaper and more standard substrates can be used, without compromising the printing quality. Being configured with 6 colors, the Mouvent water-based press allows for excellent ECG printing and Pantone matching. Paired with the in-house developed Mouvent™ DFE, customers benefit from easy file preparation, perfect color consistency and variable data printing for real-time customization. It all results in a combination of both technical and esthetic excellence that attendees will be able to see in real time at the event.

The LB701-UV is the smallest label printer within the Mouvent range, matching the well-known letter press format. This mini label machine has an extremely compact design, but neither compromises on print resolution (1,200 x 1,200 dpi), nor on productivity (up to 100 m/min and 5000 sqm/d) at an unmatched production cost. Its size and ease of use mean that even the smallest print shops are able to take high quality, fast and flexible label production for any type of application on board. This latest version of the LB701-UV on display at Labelexpo 2019 is equipped with 6 colors and for the first time with white Mouvent UV-Ink. This enlarges its capabilities even further in terms of print job design and the variety of substrates that it can process, such as metalized and transparent label stock up to 190 mm width.

Please note: Attendees at Labelexpo 2019 will have the opportunity to bring and test their own jobs on this machine, by appointment. 

MouventTM Digital Ink-Jet Technology Inside

At the heart of all of Mouvent’s digital printers is the MouventTM Cluster, a radical new approach, which uses clusters instead of fixed size print bars by color, arranging them in a modular, scalable matrix. The result is one system that can be simply adapted for all substrates, of all widths, for all markets.

This technology is also at the heart of another exciting innovation on show at Labelexpo. The new MASTER DM5 – a pioneering hybrid label press from BOBST providing the best possible combination of digital and DigiFlexo printing in a single press – has “MouventTM Digital Ink-Jet Technology Inside”.

The digital print engine inside the MASTER DM5 is made up of Mouvent’s proprietary Cluster Technology integrating Fuji Dimatix Samba print heads. The MouventTM Cluster heads are super compact and simple to change for easy and accessible maintenance, and have all-in-one fully integrated inking, conditioning and electronic circuits for the highest print heads reliability.

“The quality of the two Mouvent label printers on display at Labelexpo, along with the application of Mouvent technology inside the MASTER DM5, show how effective the MouventTM Cluster technology is, and we are looking forward to showing attendees the high-quality outputs it provides at Labelexpo,” said Thierry Martin.