The jury of members of the Italian Technical Association of Flexography (ATIF) has honoured Mondi for the high printing-quality of one of their self-standing open-mouth bag with the “Best in Flexo” 2017 Award.

“It’s great to be recognised by the world of printers as one of the most reliable partners in delivering consistently high-quality print results. We want to delight our customers and winning the “Best in Flexo” Award indicates that we’re achieving this ,” said Gabriele Leccioli, Managing Director, Mondi San Pietro in Gu in Italy, where the solution was produced. 

The plant’s product portfolio comprises self-standing, pinch-bottom, block-bottom open-mouth bags. For the company Plaček s.r.o., the plant produced an attractively printed, strong self-standing bag with ideal barrier properties for cat litter packaging. The excellent printing result on the laminated outer ply was recognized and honoured by the jury with the golden “Best in Flexo” Award for the best flexographic printing quality. Mondi was the winner from among ten well-known flexographic printing experts.

The winning bag is constructed with a clay-coated outer ply and an inner ply of unbleached kraft paper.  For outstanding print results and a great shelf appearance, a varnish was applied over the print.  

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