Key benefits of ALKOseal™ glasSecure™ at a glance:

  • Developed to seal aggressive fatty/oily contents
  • Stable sealing performance at higher temperatures
  • Optimal sealing for the total supply chain
  • Sustainable and easy to recycle solution  
  • Branding and customization possibilities
  • MOSH / MOAH free
  • EU & FDA food compliant

According to Nishan Goenka, Global Sales & Marketing Director for Meyer Seals Group: “The ALKOseal™ glasSecure™ is our answer to a well-known challenge in the industry. Now brands can use the widely popular induction sealing technology on glass, to seal and transport all types of products without having to worry about the sealing integrity of their product. After a couple of years in development, we are pleased that we could not only come up with a technical solution to the problem, but we have also developed a sealing solution which will also meet the packaging sustainability needs of brand owners.”

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