From November 21st to 24th, the Marchesini Group will be taking part in the 19th edition of Pharmtech, the International exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for the pharmaceutical industry.

At Pav.2, Hall 8, Stand B305 of Crocus Expo IEC (Moscow, Russia), three solutions for packaging cosmetics and pharmaceuticals will be presented to the Russian market: the RSF 24 for ampoule filling and sealing, one of the Group’s great classics, which will be shown alongside by the new BL A420 CW labeller and the TURBOMEK 150 emulsifier.

On the 21st and 23rd, the Marchesini Group, together with SEA Vision, the Group’s long-standing Italian partner for vision systems for pharmaceutical and OEM industries, will host a Symposium on serialization and Track&Trace for pharmaceutical products. It will be an exciting opportunity to discuss details such as serialization-related deadlines and the technological developments in the Russian market with local regulatory bodies and customers.

Machines on showThe ampoule filler and sealer RSF 24 is one of the historical and truly consolidated models conceived thanks to the expertise of Corima - one of the companies of the Marchesini galaxy - in designing machines for packaging sterile products. The RSF 24 can process up to 24 thousand ampoules an hour, guaranteeing perfectly repeatable and totally sterile filling and sealing operations. Thanks to the incredibly straightforward size change-over operation, to the filling unit that can be dismantled and sterilised very simply and to the optimum performance of the laminar flow - which can be easily integrated onto the machine structure - the “classic” RSF 03 is able to face up to all the aspects of rival manufacturers of filling machines, even the most recently developed ones. 

The category of labellers will be represented by the BL A420 CW, a new labeller for Track&Trace requirements developed by Neri, the branch of the Marchesini Group specialising in carton labelling and tracking machines.

The model on show has a load cell that is fully integrated into the stepper conveyance system. This solution - which can process up to 400 cartons per minute - is much more compact than the classic solution and than the version of main competitors of the market, who offer solutions having weighing units with their own independent conveyance system. 

By integrating the load cell into the toothed belt system of the BL A420 CW, it is able to check the weight of each carton and to verify the position of the cartons at all times: if the weight is correct, the product undergoes the subsequent processes (serialization, marking and sealing), then it is sent to the next machine; if, on the other hand, the weight is not correct, the subsequent processes are skipped and the carton is rejected, according to the “Fail Safe” operating logic.

The high level of flexibility of the BL A420 CW means that all types of printing and vision systems available can be installed on it, which can be customised according to all the current standards worldwide. This special feature makes the BL A420 CW the most suitable and complete machine for tracking, serialising and labelling cartons, giving a unique identity to all the pharmaceutical products packaged.To conclude, the cosmetic sector, and the processing phase in particular, will be represented for the first time on the Russian market by the vacuum turbo-emulsifiers TURBOMEK 150 by Dumek, a new brand of the Marchesini Group. This machine has a capacity of 150 litres and is designed to process liquid and creamy products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in particular emulsions (cream/milk products), serums, oils and balms, gels and lotions. Special versions of these machines are able to process other products, such as make up, suppositories, hair dyes, toothpastes, mud products and shaving creams. 

The turbo emulsifiers and product fusers produced by Dumek - used to mix make-up products, cleansers, hair dyes, toothpaste, shaving products - will help to complete the machinery range of the Marchesini Group and will favour its expansion on the cosmetics marketplace.

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