The Heilbronn-based cutting-die manufacturer Marbach not only delivers cutting-dies, but also the proper materials for producing them.

By the end of the 1990s, Marbach had already founded the business unit ‘‘Trade & Service’’ which supplied die-cutting materials to printing shops as well as competitors worldwide.  In time, due to internal restructuring, the name ‘‘Marbach Trade & Service’’ became ‘‘Marbach Trade & Logistics’’.

During the last years, Marbach has increasingly extended its portfolio. And today it belongs to the large material suppliers in Germany.   To underline this change in its name and also to focus on its core business, Marbach has decided to name its material division ‘‘Marbach Die Supplies’’. Starting on the 1st of June, Marbach materials will be sold under this name.  

Marbach Die Supplies offers materials from A for aluminum hammer to M for matrix, R for rubber strips to Z for zone levelling materials. A wide portfolio of die-cutting materials, that provide die-makers as well as printing shops with the die-cutting materials they need.  

 Marco Kraiss, Head of Marbach Die Supplies: ‘‘In retrospect the name Trade & Logistics seemed to be no longer meaningful enough. We are now positioned quite differently, to the time when this name came into being. In the meantime we have done a lot of refinement and can now offer a more-than-extensive portfolio for die-cutting demands.

The new name ‘‘Marbach Die Supplies’’ should also express this focus externally. It stands for service, for a broadly diversified range of products and of course also for proven Marbach quality.’’  The new name is evidence of a further step for Marbach to expand its mainstay material trade and to grow even more.   

Kraiss: ‘‘We are one of the big material distributors in Germany. Our goal is to strengthen this position and to grow. Through our proven quality, our service, our years of experience in diemaking --- which clearly gives us know-how advantage in the trade division --- but also through a wide selection of materials. Put simply: through the most suitable materials for every requirement. Whether for building cutting-dies or in setting-up and using them in printing shops. Simply the best performance for our customers.’’ 

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