Marbach will be exhibiting at FachPack in Nuremberg at the end of September. Tina Dost, Marketing Manager at Marbach: "We are looking forward to presenting our technologies for maximum performance to the FachPack visitors."

In addition to our latest technologies such as the marbanick|2+ and a new anvil for reverse cutting, Marbach will also be showing its platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner, its digital zone levelling DZL|plate and special rotary tools with active stripping technology. Furthermore, Marbach will introduce its new 360° customer service.

Dost continues: "We have a wide range of products and services that our customers can benefit from. By saving time and costs, as well as increasing efficiency and performance."


With the marbanick|2+, waste nicks in cutting rules are placed directly at the user's site. With it, nicks in four different widths can be inserted into cutting rules. The newly developed quickchange system enables quick and safe replacement of the different chisels. Thanks to the three raster steps of the marbanick|2+, not only the width of the nicks but also their size can be varied. With the new Marbach hand-held device, the nick size is optimally adapted to the requirements of the user. The insertion of the various sized nicks is fast, safe and controlled.

Split height-adjustable anvil

To reduce the make-ready time for reverse cutting, Marbach has recently launched the height-adjustable anvil. The use of this technology had previously been limited to high-tech duramar tools and corrugated board tools. The height-adjustable anvil is now available in a new, split version, also for standard folding box tools in multiplex or greenplate versions. 


With this Marbach device, dirt and rust are removed from the die-cutting platen and any unevenness is smoothed out. This significantly minimizes make-ready effort and reduces cutting pressure. The service life of the tool is thus extended and the cutting result is significantly improved by the clean die-cutting platen. Customers therefore benefit from excellent performance and increased productivity in their cutting processes.

Digital zone levelling

The DZL|plate is a special protection plate which - individually adapted to the die-cutting machine - compensates for unevenness in the die-cutter platen. It ensures that a conventional area make-ready - which previously had to be carried out for each individual job - is completely eliminated. Once a digital zone levelling has been set up, it lasts for months. The result: significantly reduced make-ready times for every job. 

Rotary tools with active stripping technology

A change is currently taking place in machines for rotary die-cutting of corrugated board. More and more machines are using tools with active stripping technology. These special machines place completely new demands on the tool technology used. Marbach has developed tools specially equipped for these machines. For maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting, 100% waste-free blanks and very high running speeds of the rotary machine. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting.

360° service

Marbach offers its customers an extensive service portfolio centered on packaging in the field of die-cutting technology. In addition to training courses at the Marbach Academy, this also includes a number of other services.

Dost continues: "And that's not all. We have even more interesting technologies to offer. We are looking forward to welcoming many visitors at our stand 612 in hall 7."