MacDermid Graphics Solutions announced today the commercial introduction of a new medium durometer plate that utilises the award-winning LUX® In-The-Plate™ technology. LUX® ITP™ M is a medium durometer plate that provides all the benefits of LUX® ITP 60, but in a lower durometer. 

LUX® ITP™ M is the latest in a series of recent product introductions from MacDermid that leverage the company’s expertise in dot shape engineering. ITP™ M is specifically designed for paper stock, preprinted liner board and other applications where a combination of high durability and excellent ink laydown is required.

“Our chemists continue to push the capabilities of our ITP technologies, as we expand the product line even further with the launch of ITP M,” said Ryan Vest, Global Director of Innovation at MacDermid Graphics Solutions. He continued, “We are constantly driven to provide our customers with better quality and better consistency while enabling them to become more and more productive.”

LUX® ITP™ M is commercially available in sizes up to 50” x 80” (1,320 mm x 2,032 mm) and in thicknesses of .045” (1.14 mm) to .112” (2.84 mm).

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