Loma Systems will be showcasing its latest IQ4 Metal Detectors, X5 X-ray Inspection Systems, CW3 Checkweighers and Combination models at PPMA.

Amongst the advanced contaminant inspection machines on display will be the next-generation IQ4 Metal Detector offering improved detection sensitivity and X5 Spacesaver X-ray Inspection system specially developed for optimum inspection performance.

Capable of detecting bone, glass, dense plastic, rubber, stone as well as metals, Loma’s X5 X-ray Inspection Systems are constructed from stainless steel and offer easy cleaning and low maintenance and serviceability. The machines feature intuitive washdown compatible touch screens and those with conveyors have quick release belts that can be completely removed without tools. The belt tension can also be eased for cleaning, whilst sloping surfaces prevent food particles and water droplets accumulating in crevices for reduced drying time.

Loma’s X5 Spacesaver X-ray Inspection machine measures one metre in length and incorporates the company’s Adaptive Array Technology (AAT) which helps balance detection performance against line speed. It tailors resolution, depth and scaling for optimum performance and eliminates the need to specify the diode array pixel size. Available in belt widths ranging from 300mm up to 500mm, the X5 Spacesaver is capable of operating at line speeds up to 75 metres per minute.

Loma’s X5C X-ray inspection unit reduces the cost of ownership of X-ray technology by 30% when compared to other models, making it ideal for food companies keen to make the switch to x-ray for the first time. It offers high quality contaminant inspection using a reduced number of well-proven subcomponents and compact design. Capable of handling products up to 100mm (height) and 300mm (width) but weighing no more than 3kg, the X5C is particularly ideal for the inspection of ready meals, small packaged goods and convenience food.

Loma’s next-generation IQ4 Metal Detector series has been designed to offer improved detection sensitivity, beyond IP69K washdown rating, 7” touch screen and variable frequency for pipeline and vertical fall models. Developed to meet customers’ common inspection challenges and provide major design, performance, usability, quality and flexibility benefits, the IQ4 series ensures low lifetime cost of ownership whilst also meeting Loma’s ‘Designed to Survive’ criteria. 

The IQ4 range features Variable Frequency, operating between 31-882 kHz, meaning the metal detectors are capable of automatically selecting correct operating frequency so changes in products or packaging that necessitate an alteration in frequency no longer require costly and inconvenient operator intervention.