Leopold Werdich, managing director of Tubex Holding, was elected president of the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) on 30 January 2018. He succeeds Eric Frantz of CCL Container.

In his inaugural address, Leopold Werdich said: “The global aluminium aerosol can industry is in robust shape and it impressively substantiated this yet again in 2017 with a production of about 8.1 billion cans. Aluminium aerosol cans are becoming increasingly popular with users worldwide because they provide unbeatable benefits that enrich consumers’ lives and offer outstanding sustainability performance. They are light, comfortable to use, offer clean and precise application, are safe and reliable, ensure optimal product protection, have an appealing design and can be recycled again and again at the end of their life cycle. A compelling package of benefits that is unparalleled in a modern and discerning society that demands products that are consumer- and eco-friendly. That is why our industry continues to look optimistically to the future.”

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