With the Laetus Unified Platform (UP) 1.2, track & trace pioneer Laetus is launching a new version of its inspection and traceability platform.

Laetus UP is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that combines brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and quality inspection capabilities by utilising the following capabilities:

Improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Laetus UP helps increase efficiency throughout the supply chain. Long downtimes due to process changes, such as other forms of packaging, updated design or components in the production line, are a thing of the past. Using the newly developed solution editor, solutions can be quickly and easily adapted to current requirements.

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Continuing compliance

With Laetus UP production lines are well prepared for present compliance requirements and can easily be adjusted for new ones. Configuration specifications for new products and/or markets are automatically adapted with fast software mapping solutions. The outstanding feature of this platform is its ability to control any number of existing components such as cameras, printers, scanners and scales - regardless of the manufacturer.

Simplified data exchange

This platform monitors all of the individual production lines from one office PC, just using a browser to access it. In case of necessary changes or additions in equipment or line configurations, these can also easily be done from your PC. In addition, the intuitive GUI with its clear, unambiguous structure, allows for operators to be trained more quickly.


Sustains continuous production process

To process products more quickly, Laetus UP allows for parallel processing lines that all efficiently draw from the same pool of tracking numbers. In case of multiple production sites in different time zones, global reports can be pulled in UTC time, easily providing an overview of a company’s entire production numbers.

All of this can be done on the single Laetus UP platform. 

An overview of Laetus UP and its new features will be provided in a free webinar on May 23rd. Interested parties are invited to register at:

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