Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, has added a new chilled packaging range to its product offering. 

The new temperature controlled range includes five different products that the company says offer high quality, thermal protection for a wide variety of temperature sensitive goods on the market.   

When it comes to transporting produce from the food and drinks industry, pharmaceuticals or other temperature sensitive goods, it can often prove challenging to maintain their desired temperature.

These products need to stay at a certain temperature to ensure they remain fit for purpose, therefore they require sufficient packaging which will do exactly that whilst offering secure protection.  

Kite’s new insulated boxes are produced from materials with insulating properties that it says outperform polystyrene. The outer layer is produced from 100% recyclable Kraft paper and the internal layer is made up of 100% biodegradable starch-based loose fill, designed not only to preserve the in-the-box temperature but also provide cushioning protection.

The next product Kite has launched is its new insulated box liners. These are comprised of a metallised polyester outer layer to reflect heat away from the product, a bubble wrap middle layer to provide an interval of cushioning insulation and an inner HDPE foam layer offering high resistance against moisture and chemicals as well as further insulation.

For businesses that are distributing large pallet size quantities of stock requiring a temperature sensitive environment through transit, Kite's new thermal pallet covers are equipped with the same properties as the insulated box liners, therefore also providing resistance to low temperatures against damage in transit.

According to Kite, due to their foldable, stackable and lightweight structure, these pallet covers provide a reduction in warehouse costs, transportation costs and operational internal carriages. They are designed to be teamed with the insulating box liners to 'help businesses get their products get to their destination in the optimum environment'.


Other essential chilled packaging solutions that can help maintain temperatures on the road are coolants. Ideal for overnight shipments, Kite’s new ice sheets and gel packs will maintain low, internal temperatures to ensure products such as food, fish and pharmaceuticals remain fit for purpose.

The gel packs simply require freezing, whereas the ice sheets need to be submerged in water for activation, turning them in to a gel pack which can then be frozen. The company says the real benefit of the ice sheets is their flat pack composition, which ensures minimal use of valuable storage space in the warehouse.

The final thermal product Kite has introduced is its temperature controlled pouches, which act as  insulating protection for smaller items for a shorter length of time.