A fast algorithm compares this single image to the 400 taken previously and in doing so determines the current position of every single can or PET bottle. This is then used to calculate any necessary correction to the container’s position, performed by the activated motor in a matter of milliseconds until the container is aligned as required. “This is important with regard to the point of sale, for instance, if the containers are to be arranged in the pack to form a single image,” says Dr. Caninenberg.

Nature MultiPack™ meets beverage industry requirements

One important aspect for sales especially is that the innovative Nature MultiPack™ packaging concept touches on many areas of a beverage bottling plant: from purchasing through production to sales and marketing. “The big players have a strategic agenda that they generally pursue three goals with,” says Christoph Georg von Aichinger, global product account manager for Nature MultiPack™ at KHS.

“First comes sustainability, which is achieved by saving on energy and water consumption and reducing the carbon footprint; second is the desire for growth, and third is the need to generate as high a margin as possible. Nature MultiPack™ is a system that serves all of these three purposes.”

Von Aichinger knows that innovations of this kind hold increasing appeal for medium-sized, owner-managed companies, too. “Their flat hierarchies allow them to be more flexible in their decision-making,” the KHS salesman comments. “We saw this recently with the Martens brewery in Belgium. We basically agreed on a deal there after just a few meetings.”

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