Kemira develops sustainable chemical solutions for water intensive industries, providing best suited products and expertise to improve customers’ product quality, process and resource efficiency. Its focus is on pulp and paper, water treatment and the energy industry.

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    Chemistry for moulded fibre - shaping the future of packaging

    2024-05-08T15:25:00Sponsored by

    Moulded fibre has quickly emerged as the favoured packaging choice for brands pursuing renewable and recyclable alternatives to replace single-use plastics – spanning diverse sectors from food and beverage to electronics, cosmetics, and e-commerce. Within this packaging revolution, chemistry plays a pivotal, but often unseen role. Without it, the creation of functional and safe fibre-based moulded packaging would not be possible.

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    Perfecting the picture: how chemistry enables renewable and recyclable packaging

    2023-10-16T15:03:00Sponsored by

    In today’s world, there’s a growing demand from both consumers and regulators for brands to turn the picture they have painted of a more sustainable future into a practical reality with renewable, biodegradable, and circular packaging solutions. While innovative fibre-based packaging holds promise, there’s a vital element that is essential in making this vision a reality: chemistry.