James Cropper has launched a new collection of papers for premium packaging, including an option using 100% post-consumer waste recycled fibre.

The company says that its Rydal Packaging Collection, whose name is inspired by a small village in the UK’s Lake District that is best known as the home of the poet William Wordsworth, addresses the need for sustainable papers for retail packaging that do not compromise quality or beauty. 

In addition to offering 100% post-consumer waste recycled material, the range also includes options for 40% post-consumer waste recycled and 100% fresh fibre from what James Cropper describes as responsible forestry sources.

The recycled material used in the collection includes James Cropper’s innovative CupCycling fibre, which is sourced from used coffee cups. This unique post-consumer fibre stream aims to give a second life to a valuable resource.

Tricia Hartmann, packaging lead at James Cropper, comments: “While beauty and functionality have always been expected of luxury products, today’s consumers also insist they are environmentally and socially responsible.

“Those same high standards applied to the product itself now also extend to the entire supply chain, including the packaging. The Rydal Packaging Collection was created to directly answer this need while safeguarding the beauty of premium paper and ensuring a variety of application possibilities for brands.”

The new collection is apparently suitable for folding boxes, shopping bags and box covering applications, and James Cropper says that it “ensures outstanding print performance and converting characteristics.”

Currently available for production, and for sample dummies and print tests, the collection includes three shades of white and three shades of black. There is also an option for bespoke colours and textural finishes as part of James Cropper’s Tailor Made service.

The company’s innovative antimicrobial PaperGard silver ion technology can also be included for all Rydal packaging options.