At FachPack 2019, Poland-based specialist in labelling and marking solutions Intrex exhibited a new offline solution for late stage customisation of blisters.

"It was a great opportunity to see live presentation of this innovative marking and labelling solution for short batches of blisters," said the company. "From order form to fully labelled product batches in just few clicks."

With the LSC-100 machine, blisters provided with a DataMatrix code pre-packed in carton magazines are inserted into format holders. After comparing the job data, the fully automatic feeding, separation, article inspection, printing and labelling of the blisters with the intrex 200+ labeller and the quality inspection of the labels and prints with a high-performance camera from Cognex take place.

The integrated KUPvision image processing and camera management software controls all workflows and communicates with the customer's databases.

According to the company, the machine can achieve production speeds up to 140 p/min with precision up to +/- 0.5 mm.