In a joint presentation Kuraray and UBE will advocate the audience about the importance of oxygen barrier and mechanical properties of multi-layer films. Reduction/avoidance of food waste and a more sustainable approach to the perception of shelf life is crucial issue in today´s retailing. The solutions offered by Kuraray’s EVAL™ EVOH and UBE NYLON polyamide portfolio not only increase exponentially the shelf life of the packed food, they also ensure superior mechanical resistance against potential damages and the loss of the oxygen barrier.

Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging industry conference is an effective way to establish direct communication between suppliers of latest technologies and companies representing the flexible packaging industry. The conference, with its both formal and informal networking opportunities, makes it easy to communicate advantages of new solutions quickly and clearly. Developers and suppliers of innovative technologies will focus on the efficiency of their solutions for production, promotion, lean manufacturing. Special attention will be paid to the ways to improve quality and safety of end products. The program features case studies of new product development with much shorter time-to-market. Alongside the conference, the exhibition will present both new and popular solutions for manufacturing of various packaging films and extruded materials for industrial packaging.

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