Lead Technology's new modular feeding system introduces plug & play integration of different types of feeding systems with machines such as cartoners or case packers.

The technology makes it possible for one packaging machine to replace two larger machines, and saves our customers labor, maintenance, energy & capital costs.

  This infographic video illustrates how it is carried out: 

Any customer that is interested in packaging multiple products by using one machine, or may be interested in doing that in the future gains significant value by using the Modular Feeding System. Customers that package a specific product in different ways (e.g. lying down in some cases, and standing up in other) gains value from this option as well. Any industry can benefit from the Modular Feeding System, but the food industry typically take more interest in it.

The new M.F.S. concept demonstrates flexibility, for example Lead Technology's case packers enable the possibility of swapping out a Beckhoff XTS cutting edge grouping system (reaching speed of 4 meters per second) and replacing it with a more conventional feeding system. 

Lead Technology's MKH-4 HIGH-SPEED END LOAD CARTONER also offers similar flexibility of swapping the Feeding System, as demonstrated in this infographic video. The video also depicts the possibility of easily moving the machine itself in between production locations. 

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