Twinpack Special Products from the Netherlands – supplier of the EggsCargoSystem® - is introducing two new products. 

The first one is the Jumbo Tray 2.0. This tray, which can hold 30 eggs, has been developed for optimum protection and transport of heavier eggs up to 90 grams. This innovation was inspired by the fact that eggs are becoming structurally heavier, as a result of substantially longer laying periods. The Jumbo 2.0 is compatible with the pallets and dividers of the EggsCargoSystem®

The second innovation is the EggsCargo Protector. This smart plastic frame was developed to hold the top layers of eggs on the EggsCargoSystem® in their places. By securing these top layers, if a lorry makes an emergency stop, the piles of eggs are prevented from sliding forwards. The Protector can also be used when transport takes place over poor roads, which could cause the piles to bounce and eggs to crack.  


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