Acrylate films: totally free of PVC, solvents and plasticisers

Leaving the drawbacks of conventional materials behind them, the acrylate security films developed by VPF are setting a totally new technological standard. They are totally free of PVC, solvents and plasticisers, which is their biggest benefit to downstream processing. They thus offer a significantly longer storage life not only on the label manufacturer’s site, but also in the various technical, medical/pharmaceutical and consumer-related end uses. Also beneficial is their excellent printability with a wide range of printing technologies. As required for the final label appliction, the new acrylate security films come in two versions – in transparent (VPF 72704) as well as white matt (VPF 72706) – both in 50 µm thickness. 

A crucial role is played by the adhesives for ultra-destructible security labels formulated by VPF. These display good initial tack and final adhesion on a large variety of substrates while being neither too gentle nor too aggressive so that the extremely fragile security material can still be cleanly die-cut and reliably separated from its matrix. The new acrylate security films are supplied as standard with VPF Permanent 980 adhesive and easy-release Glassine B700-473. Permanent 980 is low-odour, suitable for direct food contact and can be used in the temperature range up to 120 °C. For challenging overlabelling applications, the matt white film can also be made available with opaque Permanent 980 dark adhesive or, for prolonged outdoor applications, with UV acrylate hotmelt HM 709 UV.

The newly developed acrylate security films are based both on modern raw materials and on VPF’s many years of experience in the field of ultra-destructible security films. They constitute a genuine product innovation and are now setting a much higher, future-oriented standard of technology.

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