A further development from the firm Poly-clip System, Hattersheim a. M., is a specialist machine for calibres up to 250 mm and extra-large tail volumes.

Thanks to the optimised separator range and clips specially developed for this automatic double-clipper, internally coated spice casings and so-called functional and multilayer casings can also now be securely closed.

This special machine, the ICA XL, developed from the tried and tested iris clipper which has been on the market for many years, also works with the patented iris separator. The ICA XL has been further optimised for use in the upper calibre range, and with the increased separator range it reliably closes XL sausages, including spiced casings and is easy on the casing. In addition to the traditional products, coated for example with pepper, onion or paprika, there are also functional casings on the market which, in addition to the known characteristics and coatings, are provided on the inside all the way through the product with a further layer to which spices adhere. With these ‘spiced casings’, aromas and smoked colours are better able to permeate the product through direct contact with the sausage meat. The presence of this coating means that these new, internally coated casings place additional requirements on the production process. The tail volume is greater, and casings with a crushed pepper coating, for example, require more careful closure, so that the pepper corns do not penetrate the casing. The S 9000 clip series newly developed by Poly-clip System has its own specially adapted clip profile for the casing-friendly closure of these special casings with large tail volumes. 

Reliable and economical

The ICA XL is the ideal clipping machine for slicing logs and moulded products in the calibre range 130 to 250 mm. Fibrous, collagen, textile and plastic casings can be processed efficiently at up to 60 cycles per minute in continuous mode. All types of sausages, such as dry and cooked sausages as well as pressed and moulded ham, including with whole muscles, can be closed in this way. For products which are cooked in square form using the cook-in principle, the ICA XL may optionally be fitted with an overspreading. In conjunction with a vacuum system, air-free slack filling of formed products is possible by overspreading up to 300 mm. This and many further product parameters, such as the servo-supported clip pressure setting for sensitive fibrous and spiced casings, can be programmable in the SAFETY TOUCH program memory and recalled at any time in recipe management. Simple machine operation is possible using the touch – with a 10” display, it is shockproof and easy to clean. Individually assignable manual functions can be easily set on the operating level in order to correspond to the respective production processes. PC control and the servo motor provide a powerful and wear-free drive mechanism. An optional extra is operating data acquisition with the WS-Food Standard interface, which can be retrofitted at any time.

Safety and Hygiene

Two-handed triggering of the first clip and a second control panel at end of the conveyor belt provide the automatic clipper with added safety. For length portioning, the length control has been newly designed and now comes from ‘above’. The conveyor guide plates have also been adjusted to suit the new requirements of larger calibres. Embossments on the guide plates should facilitate the smooth movement of products. The telescopic conveyor belt is up to 1.3 m long, and roller extensions are available for sausages up to 1.6 m in length. Embossments underneath the conveyor belt stabilise the belt and make it even more hygienic. As an option, the belt speed may be automatically adjustable. 

User and service friendly

With its two steering wheels the ICA XL is easy to manoeuvre, and the fixing brakes are already integrated. Additional cost savings are achieved through the low air consumption of the GSA automatic looper. And the positioning of the GSA allows even easier loop change, which saves time. The automatic clipping machine is equipped with an protective guard made of stainless-steel and a sliding door. The sliding door offers comfort and saves time when changing casing. The product-specific settings have also been further improved. This simplifies machine operation and makes product changes even faster. Improved efficiency is thus achieved through individual adjustment. The service-friendly doors, an electric handwheel and the second feed option for the clip sticks in the lower position are precisely the kind of minor but subtle features which make the ICA XL extremely operator friendly. The automatic clipper can be delivered in the stick clip version as well as in the version for S-clips on spools. Clips on the spool allow continuous production of 1,300 portions without having to reload the clips. The clip spool holders are optimally located. This means that the clips glide even more smoothly in the clip guide, thus ensuring trouble-free production.The iris separator ensures clean sausage tails and careful portioning – even with large chunks of meat. Short, symmetrical sausage shoulders result in more slices per sausage, and thus a higher yield.

Protection of investment

The high level of automation of the ICA XL is also evident in its consumption-oriented system of central lubrication. Since this important working step is performed automatically, it is no longer forgotten, and furthermore saves time. This ensures maximum process reliability and maximum investment benefits, since the amount of wear is decreased. Servicing and downtimes are reduced to a minimum and consequently the service life of the machine is ‘automatically’ extended.

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