A range of solutions and services to optimize the complete package

Husky is the industry’s only supplier of complete manufacturing solutions for both PET preforms and closures. This unique position allows Husky to work closely with customers to deliver closures and preforms that are precisely engineered to work together as an integrated, high-performing package. To demonstrate its capability, Husky will be showcasing industry-leading manufacturing technologies and its global packaging development capabilities, along with an extensive range of proactive services aimed at optimizing performance and extending the life of its manufacturing equipment. Husky will also showcase innovative solutions that promote improved package sustainability, having been developed though collaboration with key industry partners. 

Breakthrough Multi-Layer Technology 

Husky’s Multi-Layer co-injection technology at drinktec will be running on the company’s proven HyPET® HPP5 fully integrated preform manufacturing system. The system will be producing a 17 gram carbonated soft drink application using a 72-cavity mold and running at an 8.7 second cycle time. Also on display will be many new innovative solutions related to Multi-Layer, including a fully integrated solution for preform inspection that Husky developed in partnership with Intravis Vision Systems. The integrated LayerWatcher preform inspection system automates the assurance of barrier protection and package security. The Husky system will also demonstrate the company’s automated Mold Alignment feature, as well as the award-winning Self-cleaning Mold Technology, which significantly reduces downtime by eliminating hundreds of hours of mold maintenance per year. Live demonstrations of the system are set to take place every day of the show. 

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