RPC Paintainer_25%_recycled_closeup.jpg

By far the most effective tool has been our recent introduction of a circular grading system that rates each design concept against the Recyclas recyclability scheme. We add to our presentations a pictogram similar to that for energy efficiency used on electric appliances or double glazed windows. Each design has an A to F rating and the coloured bar graph quickly shows the effect of design decisions on its recyclability. We also incorporate symbols to show if it is lightweighted, reusable or made from PCR materials.

Designing for the circular economy does not mean having to throw away all the benefits that well-designed plastic packaging already offers. By applying the right skill and knowledge and using the right tools, it is possible to create packs that fulfil consumer, filler, brand owner and recycler needs without compromise. And that has to be the best way to achieve the more sustainable world that everyone is seeking.