H.B. Fuller confirms it is helping converters achieve zero-defects production with its expanded range of UV light fluorescing adhesives. Designed to perform with some of the most challenging packaging substrates, these innovative adhesive solutions offer the additional reassurance of fulfilling food safety requirements.

Recent expansion of H.B. Fuller's range of water-based adhesives is set to significantly strengthen its role in helping deliver production line efficiencies for customers. The company has confirmed that its innovative range of UV light fluorescing adhesives, under both blue and yellow-green UV wavelengths, will bring new confidence to the process of zero-defect detection, especially for manufacturers of corrugated boxes and folding cartons.

“In a world where it's increasingly important to deliver high-quality products every time, adhesive solutions are making a real difference,” said Jude Liddle, H.B. Fuller's marketing manager for EIMEA Converting Solutions.

“Our commitment to innovation means we're always looking for new ways to help our customers optimise production efficiency and minimise adhesive-related downtime. So, naturally, when the machine manufacturers and our customers told us that the high level of optical brighteners in recycled material meant it is difficult to detect adhesive using the blue UV wavelength, we were keen to find a solution,” she continued.

The use of the yellow-green fluorescing agent within the adhesive solves the problem, helping packaging manufacturers ensure the adhesive is where it should be no matter what kind of material was used to create the packaging.

UV indicators work by fluorescing when exposed to a specific wavelength of UV light. This enables packaging makers using equipment with integrated sensors and camera detection mechanisms to track and adjust adhesive application in real time.

Jude added, “our UV light fluorescing adhesives comply with food safety requirements, which allied to the close collaboration with our customers can help them achieve their food safety objectives. We are also proud to offer them an extensive food safety declaration document for our products.”

H.B. Fuller’s latest range of food contact compliant water-based adhesives, containing a yellow-green UV light fluorescing agent, are available to converters under the Swift®tak brand name.

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