HAVI, a global leader in packaging and supply chain management, has announced that itsu, a leading UK chain of Asian-inspired restaurants, has chosen to use HAVI SIX500™ range of packaging to support the rollout of a new hot food range of gyoza dumplings.

The SIX500 is the first performance packaging created for use in accelerated cooking environments, and is designed to give foodservice brands like itsu the ability to create expanded menus with short cooking times, while still maintaining food quality, texture and aesthetics.

The combined packaging solution of a SIX500 tray, which enables rapid cooking at temperatures as high as 273°C for up to 6 mins, and clear perforated film, which allows steam to enter during cooking, keeps the dumplings hot and moist, while still letting customers see the dumplings clearly while on display. Bespoke labelling, provides itsu with the opportunity to market their brand and for customers to easily identify and choose their preferred variety of gyoza. Unlike any other packaging, the SIX500 ensures consumer and equipment safety, optimal moisture/heat resistance, product release performance and premium food quality.

Gregor Milne, Senior Manager Packaging at HAVI said, “itsu’s new hot food range requires an efficient and effective cooking method for its preparation, and the SIX500 consistently provides that. It’s a product that has been meticulously developed to be safe for both the operator and the customer, and it means itsu can quickly provide its customers with hot food which maintains the strong visuals that the brand is well known for.”

Following successful initial trials, itsu’s new range of hot gyoza dumplings are now available in a number of their UK restaurants, and in three varieties: prawn, chicken and veggie, and itsu is looking to expand the range across their estate.

Andrew Hill, Commercial Director at itsu, added, “Striving to give our customers the best quality and most convenient packaging available is an integral part of the itsu philosophy. The SIX500 means we can offer our customers tasty and hot food very quickly.”   

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