In this Innovation Spotlight, South Korea’s leading paper company Hansol Paper introduces Hansol EB (Eco Barrier), its eco-friendly and high-barrier paper packaging brand. 

Hansol EB (Eco Barrier), created based on the technological prowess of South Korea’s leading paper company Hansol Paper, is an eco-friendly paper packaging brand designed to replace flexible packaging such as plastic film and aluminum foil.

Hansol EB is made by forming a barrier coat on specially manufactured base paper using advanced coating technology unique to Hansol Paper. It is superior to existing paper packaging materials due to its capability to keep contents intact based on its high-barrier properties (oxygen, moisture, and smell).

Thanks to such strengths, it is being used as a primary packaging material for diverse products, from cosmetics products (skincare mask sheets and ampules) to food (coffee beans, chips/cookies, and health supplements) and daily living necessities (detergents and facial masks).

Hansol EB can be separated and recycled as paper waste. It also boasts up to 80% lower carbon emissions compared to existing synthetic packaging thanks to the reduced use of plastic and metals.

Hansol EB has steadily reinforced its presence in the global packaging market with its eco-friendly, high-barrier, and versatile properties. As the need for eco-conscious packaging materials continues to rise around the world, a wide range of global corporate customers are reaching out to collaborate with Hansol EB.


Eco-friendly and economical brand

Unlike other types of packaging that are designed to block oxygen, moisture, etc., by bonding two to three layers of plastic film or aluminum foil together, Hansol EB is made with a single layer of base paper that is fully coated with a barrier and thus is highly advanced in terms of efficiency with reduced production costs and a shortened production process.

In particular, Hansol EB’s superior barrier properties against oxygen and moisture effectively prevent any possible deterioration of contents during the distribution process. As such, it is perfectly suited for packaging for food and cosmetics products as well as health supplements, daily living necessities, and pet food.


Internationally certified and award-winning brand

Hansol EB has been designated as a safe food packaging material by the US Food and Drug Administration, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), and China’s national standards (Guojia Biaozhun). It has attained a patent in Korea and applied for technological patents in the US, Europe, and Japan with its innovative high-barrier technology, while also obtaining UL certification for safety and sustainability.

In recognition of its excellence and technological innovation, Hansol EB has been selected as a winner at three packaging awards in Korea and beyond, including the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award in the 2020 KoreaStar Award Korea Package Design Contest and the Asia Star 2020 Awards organized by the Asia Packaging Federation.

It also won in the packaging materials and components sector of The Global Packaging Awards: The WorldStar Award in 2021 organized by the World Packaging Organization, which is one of the most preeminent awards in the industry, and the Bronze Award of the WorldStar President’s Award given to the most excellent brands among the 2021 winners, testifying to its global competitiveness.

More detailed information about Hansol EB can be found at Hansol Paper’s virtual exhibition hall (www.hansolexhibition.com) that showcases the company’s various eco-friendly products.

This content was sponsored by Hansol Paper.