As a producer of cardboard packaging, the company's waste serves as the raw material for Goerner Formpack. At Fachpack, the company will present its newly developed GBfiber solution.

Further development of the molded fiber technology and toolmaking was carried out in cooperation with a confectionery group in order to completely replace the plastic blister packs previously used with cellulose fiber products. The experiment was successful and GBfiber – the new brand of Goerner Bionics – meets various requirements, from an ISEGA certification for direct food contact and suitability for existing packaging systems. 

GBfiber can be manufactured industrially and at costs that are absolutely comparable to the production of plastic blister packs. Wilhelm Siller-Goerner, the innovative mastermind at Goerner, says, “With GBfiber for the confectionery industry and greasy foods, we have developed an alternative to single-use plastics that is 100% environmentally friendly. There are also other sustainable approaches using other technologies and natural raw materials but they are often based on foods, such as potato starch. However, when it comes to economic efficiency, recyclability and sustainability, cellulose fiber and our molded fiber technology are currently ahead of the field.”