In partnership with Pantone, provider of professional colour standards for the design industry, and X-Rite, global leader in the science and technology of colour and appearance, GlobalVision proudly announces the release of the world’s first digital Color Inspection system for print & packaging. This unique technology revolutionises colour inspection by creating a digital environment for the colour evaluation process for PDFs and printed components.

“We are excited to release the first product that digitally checks for colour changes. Adding Color Inspection to our quality control platform delivers a complete solution for detecting errors on print & packaging,” said Reuben Malz, CEO of GlobalVision. “Partnering with Pantone and X-Rite ensures our customers work with the familiar, industry standards they depend on every day“.

GlobalVision Color Inspection compares Pantone Colors as well as references that use LAB, CMYK, and RGB color models. First, users select colour points to compare against the printed component; then the software reports any estimated colour differences beyond a defined threshold. Instead of manually checking colours by eye, users can detect and communicate potential colour differences with colour reports alongside proofs for further evaluation and approval. When combined with text, graphics, and barcode inspection capabilities, the platform can now be used to inspect the entire package.

GlobalVision Color Inspection makes use of multiple Pantone Publications to evaluate colour within PDFs or scanned proofs and printed materials. The system utilises a calibration chart and an X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer to improve the colour precision of the scanner, making the evaluation of Pantone Colors more reliable. This allows users to check all specified colours on scanned materials at once, further accelerating the quality assessment process.

“We are excited to partner with GlobalVision to incorporate the universal Pantone Color Language into its Color Inspection System and offer users more reliable and efficient colour inspection solutions for print and packaging,” said Adrián Fernández, Vice President and General Manager of Pantone. “Building on our commitment to helping make colour communication easier and further integrating physical references with digital tools, the GlobalVision Digital Color Inspection System enables users to anticipate colour variances and ultimately reduce the time and resources spent on multiple proofs“.

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