The Navigator Company’s gKRAFT kraft paper solution – aspiring to provide wrapping and protection for various product types with a simultaneous focus on benefitting the environment – has extended its online presence to LinkedIn.

Available in the FLEX, BAG, and BOX sub-brands, gKRAFT utilises Eucalyptus globulus, or eucalyptus fibres, reportedly sourced from FSC- and PEFC-certified forests. It apparently provides a higher quality recyclate than other fibres while offering an increased recyclability rate and longer life cycle.

With eucalyptus, The Navigator Company expects to produce the same volume of paper bags with up to 50% less wood while increasing CO2 absorption and O2 emissions threefold. Content relating to sustainability, paper packaging research, partnerships, and branding have been uploaded to the gKRAFT LinkedIn account.

The Navigator Company will be displaying its gKRAFT solution at this year’s interpack.

Mondi has also been unveiling kraft-based packaging solutions in recent months, from its work with FRESH!PACKAGING to develop a paper cooler bag to the recyclable paper band it unveiled alongside ATS-Tanner.