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In November 2022, the European Commission presented the proposal to amend the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD). The Directive has been amended into a Regulation, meaning that the rules are binding and ensure harmonisation in all member states. At date, some first insights on the “Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, Unfolded” have been released.

Our panel of experts will clarify what the implications of the revision of the PPWD means for the plastics packaging industry, how the changes in packaging policies will influence packaging and how can we prepare for it.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and its implications for the plastics packaging industry

  • Get the pulse from experts of the plastic industry value chain, on how changes in packaging policies will influence future packaging trends

  • Learn more on Dow’s latest design for recyclability innovations and how circular packaging will take center stage at Interpack in Dusseldorf in May!

  • Engage in the conversation by actively participating to a Q&A session


Meet Your Speakers



Carolina Gregorio

Advocacy Director EMEA, Dow

Carolina Gregorio joined Dow in 2007 and since then held several roles in the Packaging & Specialty Plastics business. Earlier this year, she assumed her current role as EMEA Regional Business Sustainability Director. Prior to that, she hold commercial and marketing roles, including global project leader for some Dow packaging innovation platform targeting value creation across markets and applications. She has elaborated the marketing strategy for Dow’s bio-based offering and has been leading its implementation globally.

Carolina holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Santiago de Compostela University in Spain and an Executive MBA from EAE Business School.


Giorgia Minelli

Group Marketing Director EMEA, Dow

Giorgia Minelli is Group Marketing Director for Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics (PSP) business for EMEA. After working for several years in the automotive industry, Giorgia joined Dow in 2007 through the Commercial Development Program. In 2008 she was named account manager for Dow Plastics in Italy. In 2011, she relocated to Switzerland and has held various marketing and product management roles for PSP. In 2018, she was appointed North America Product Director Gas Phase Polyethylene and relocated to the United States. In 2021, she moved back to Europe as PSP Senior Sales Director for South Europe. Earlier this year she assumed her current role.

Giorgia holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy.


Peter Sandkuehler

Sustainability Director EMEA, Dow

Peter Sandkuehler is Director of Sustainability EMEA for Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics (PSP) business. He represents Dow in trade associations such as CPA and PlasticsEurope.

Prior to his current role, Peter was a Fellow in Dow’s Technical Service and Development department establishing the Horgen Pack Studios with industrial-scale packaging equipment and engaging customers and value chain partners to collaborate with Dow beyond products on differentiated solutions. Peter is a sought after and recognized industry expert and has been frequently engaging with customers and brand owners in the design for future sustainable packaging globally.

Peter holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zürich, Switzerland and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Technische Universität Clausthal in Germany.


Delia Harabula

Sustainability Advocacy Lead EMEA, Amcor

Delia leads the EMEA sustainability advocacy function at Amcor, a global leader in responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal-care, and other products. She started her career in public affairs in 2015, in Brussels. After completing her Law degree, Delia held various public affairs and advocacy roles, covering sustainability from an energy and climate change perspective, waste policies and recycling. Before joining Amcor, she worked as the public affairs representative for the European beverage carton industry in Brussels, and as a senior sustainability consultant, where she advised clients from the plastics, packaging and chemicals industries. At Amcor, Delia focuses on engaging with EU and national stakeholders to seek common solutions that advance the circularity of flexible packaging.


Feliks Bezati

Global Sustainable Packaging Manager, Mars

Feliks Bezati is currently leading Mars global packaging sustainability strategy with a special focus on improving recycling of flexible packaging. He is passionate about circular economy and keen to develop systemic solutions to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging. He has extensive experience in packaging design and recycling infrastructure and for more than 10 years he has been involved in various sustainability positions helping companies such as Renault, Tarkett and Danone to transition towards circular economy.


Virginie Wengler

Business Communications Manager, Dow

Virginie Wengler is Business Communications Manager for Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics (PSP) in EMEA. She focuses on Advanced Recycling, Footwear and Cosmetic Packaging and leads issues communications.

Virginie joined Dow in 2001 in Germany, while pursuing her studies. She was hired full-time in 2003 as Public Affairs Junior for France. She relocated to Switzerland in 2006 and has held several positions in geographies and functions with a strong focus on change, crisis, employee communications and talent attraction. She also was driving regional business communications for the Pharma, Food, Home & Personal Care, Water and Infrastructure markets.

Virginie holds a master’s degree in International Marketing and Management from Strasbourg Business School, France.


Meet Your Host



Tim Sykes

Brand Director, Packaging Europe

Tim is brand director at Packaging Europe, where he has led content development for 15 years. He has wide interests around innovation in packaging technology and its impacts on the environment, consumer experience, supply chain efficiencies, etc. Tim is the founder and organiser of the Sustainability Awards, which has established itself as the leading global competition focused on sustainable packaging innovation.


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