The key unifying theme of FachPack 2019 is of course ‘Environmentally friendly packaging’, but this covers a huge diversity of topics from across the entire packaging supply chain. We asked exhibitors about the ideas and solutions they will be presenting at the event, and which trends or developments they are most curious about.



As our five-year aim is to become a completely carbon neutral flexible packaging company, our new solutions are weighted towards carbon neutral, fully recyclable and lighter packaging. We will introduce a new sustainability app that calculates the opportunity for CO2 reduction for our customers as well as packaging covered in invisible barcodes to mention but a few.

The world is going carbon neutral and our children will grow up as non-smoking vegetarians or even vegans. At the same time reducing waste requires quick and credible action, not least to implement circular economy models. We are delighted and intrigued by these trends and are on the look-out for partners who provide a technological advantage to tackle these big questions of our time.

GMG Color

GMG will demonstrate its colour management solutions for colour-accurate proofing in packaging printing. Complex packaging designs and layouts including spot colours can now be simulated with colour accurate proofs on media close to packaging production substrates, including transparent or metallic film using the Epson SC-S80600.

The key theme of FachPack 2019 – environmentally friendly packaging – is for GMG, as for the whole industry, one of the most important topics. Focusing on that, GMG will speak on Wednesday, September 25, at PackBox Forum about efficient print production and solutions to reduce production failures and customer complaints.



We have once again optimised our pulsed radiometric inspection technology for foreign object detection. Unique X-ray flashes can now pass through even larger packaging volumes and product quantities and be aligned so flexibly that the systems equipped with them meet almost every requirement regarding X-ray inspection at the end of the line. The best example: the updated HEUFT eXaminer II XS to be showcased on our stand.

What mainly interests us on other FachPack stands are new products and trends regarding primary and secondary packaging materials for beverages, food and pharmaceuticals. We ask ourselves in particular whether and how these can really be inspected continuously in-line before and after filling and which technologies can be used to achieve this.



The RETAL Baltic team of film experts will be on hand to discuss our latest line that produces films of up to 100 per cent rPET, a great boost from our current 60 per cent rPET.

RETAL Baltic values FachPack’s strong focus on sustainability and how this core issue impacts us all.

We expect to learn more about how we can all contribute and play our role in the circular economy.

SN Maschinenbau

SN Maschinenbau is presenting an innovative pouch-making technology that is compatible with sustainable and recyclable film materials. SN will show a running machine at the booth, producing sachets from recyclable PP and PE material. We will also show the production of pouches made from recyclable coated paper which can be disposed of in the regular waste-paper stream.

We are interested in the packaging technologies at FachPack that address the challenge of moving towards a more sustainable economy and consumption patterns. We are especially keen to see machines that are capable of handling sustainable packaging materials. We are also interested to see the development of ‘in-line’ digital printing and other technologies that address the trend towards the individualisation of packaging.