With the new EyeC Quality Link from EyeC, printers can increase their print quality and productivity while at the same time reducing waste, using only one inspection system.

Printers no longer have to equip both the print machine and rewinder with individual inspection systems because the system uses the quality control information from the print machine to work with the rewinder.

The in-line inspection system on the print machine guarantees 100% print inspection at maximum production speed. During printing, all labels are checked and any defects are immediately displayed, allowing the printer to quickly intervene. The inspection system counts the number of good labels in the process so that the printer can print the exact amount necessary for the customer order. An over run is no longer necessary.

With the help of the EyeC Quality Manager, the data can then be evaluated at a workstation independent of the processing unit. Here the quality control employee has the possibility to approve acceptable deviations. As he has an overview of the entire order, he can make his decisions regarding the quality requirements of the customer and the material to be delivered. As a result, printers can check the quality of each printed roll, avoid unnecessary stops on the rewinder and fulfill the amount of material to be delivered.

The inspection results are then used for the efficient and quick removal of defective labels on the rewinder. In the process, the EyeC Finishing Manager uses the approved data in order to stop the rewinder automatically at the position where the defective label must be replaced. The machine can run at maximum speed and the operator can work faster and more efficiently due to the reduced number of stops. In addition, the printer can guarantee that he delivers only flawless products to his customers. 

“With the EyeC Quality Link, printers automate their quality control and prevent unnecessary waste, lower their production costs, and fulfill the quality standards of their customers while at the same time raising their productivity. That is why our customers’ interest is so great, as the high demand at Labelexpo Europe has already shown,” says Dr. Angar Kaupp, CEO of EyeC.

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