e-connect, the new customer portal of ENGEL, is due to be launched at Fakuma 2017. The portal will simplify and speed up communication between processors and ENGEL while providing an overview of the machinery, the processing status of service and support orders and the prices and availability of spare parts – any time, anywhere. The new version of the customer portal will also meet the current and future requirements of Industry 4.0.

e-connect provides fast access to the world of ENGEL. Between 17th and 21st October in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solutions provider will demonstrate the new possibilities at its stand in hall A5. “In developing the new software, the aim was to provide customers with more specific information, establish contact with them even faster and provide the best possible support to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0,” points out Verena Paradeis, product manager for e-connect. “The customer portal will be the lynchpin for our partnerships with customers.” From the first order onwards, all machines and system solutions supplied by ENGEL are stored in the system, with the current status also shown. For the best possible overview, users can reproduce the structure of their individual machinery in the system and even assign production lines to different halls or departments online.  

No time to waste in support and service cases 

Making support and service enquiries online is not only convenient for users, but also speeds up order processing significantly. As soon as a customer makes a request, it is automatically forwarded to the service team so that they can start looking for the cause immediately. Since customers and service technicians use the same database, they have the same level of knowledge at all times. In many cases, the system history this contains makes it easier to find a solution. This is also why all new service orders are fully documented in e-connect. With sites on three continents, ENGEL ensures qualified service technicians from its regular workforce are available around the clock.  

Condition-based, predictive maintenance included 

In addition to online support and remote maintenance, the new version of e-connect supports predictive, condition-based maintenance. Under the name e-connect.monitor, ENGEL offers solutions for monitoring the condition of plasticising screws and spindles. The aim is to utilise the full lifespan of machine components while avoiding unscheduled system downtimes. To ensure this, sensors monitor the condition of components and residual life is calculated on the basis of mathematical models. While the condition of plasticising screws is determined in the course of regular servicing, spindles are subject to automatic online monitoring; in both cases, the results of the evaluation are stored in e-connect; they can be called up and processed by the customer at any time. In the long term, continual condition monitoring serves to optimise the moulding process while making it easier to identify causes of wear. 

e-connect.monitor is part of the inject 4.0 programme, which ENGEL uses to help clients meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 head-on. ENGEL will also integrate future service products for the smart factory into the customer portal. “We have structured the platform so that we can quickly implement further demands of advancing digitalisation,” says Paradeis.  

More clarity, simpler navigation 

In addition to new functions, e-connect now offers greater clarity and transparency and even simpler navigation. It provides users with a wealth of information, from product descriptions and event news to latest reports from the world of ENGEL and the details of contact persons. A calendar contains the dates of trade fairs and booked seminars, while ENGEL’s e-learning platform is just one click away via e-connect. 

The new e-connect version will be available for all customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom from Fakuma 2017 onwards; it will be then extended to other countries in Europe and the USA. 

ENGEL at Fakuma 2017: hall A5, stand 5204 

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