Addivant™, a world leading supplier of liquid phosphite antioxidants for plastics, has announced that the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) has further expanded the approval for the use of Addivant’s  nonylphenol-free stabilizer, WESTON® 705, to an even broader range of food-contact applications.  

This expansion by EFSA increases WESTON® 705’s Specific Migration Limit (SML) by a factor of 2 to 10mg/kg. This makes WESTON® 705 the perfect stabilization solution for the most demanding food packaging applications such as fatty food or alcohol content packaging.

Tested against the newest and most stringent food-contact standards, WESTON® 705 is the only antioxidant for plastics with a fully tested Non-Intentionally Added Substances profile. “Regulatory bodies are actively restricting migration limits on all packaging components, and are using new toxicological standards that make it extremely difficult for a new additive to be launched in food-contact applications,” said John Steitz, Addivant’s CEO. “This expansion of the migration limit for WESTON® 705 is yet another confirmation of its unique safety profile, making WESTON® 705 the safest new liquid antioxidant developed over the last 20 years.”

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