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Event Overview


Choosing the right label design for your product starts with understanding how the packaging protects your product, enhances consumer use, and enables a sustainable end-life. During this session, we will walk you through the EcoDesign approach and its advantages.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn what EcoDesign is
  • Learn the importance of the incorporation of environmental aspects into the design and into product development in order to avoid negative environmental impacts throughout its useful life.
  • Guidelines Design for Recycling
  • EcoDesign benefits

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Meet your Speakers and Host


Flor Peña Herron
Sustainability Project Manager Europe

Flor holds a Masters in Sciences Biology with a major in Ecology and Microbiology, and she recently obtained a diploma in Sustainability Business Management at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Since September 2017 she is Sustainability Project Manager Europe, being responsible for the implementation of ClearIntent; engaging with the global sustainability team to share best practices as well as sustainability awareness via internal and external training. She is the leader of the External Waste Goal and in 2019 she started the implementation of ecodesign within Avery Dennison.

Senior Writer

Victoria Hattersley, Senior Writer at Packaging Europe, is a highly experienced journalist and editor with a broad knowledge of packaging, sustainability and branding.