Domino Printing Sciences is addressing specific customer needs by upgrading its current range of coding and marking products to incorporate the new i-Techx high-performance electronics and software platform. Following the successful launch of the Ax-Series of Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers in 2016, which are already integrated with i-Techx, the company will continue to expand the x-Series by introducing the game-changing technology across the majority of its portfolio, optimising the customer’s return on investment.

“Product traceability, anti-counterfeiting and industry regulations are driving significant growth for the global coding and marking industry” explains David Croft, Global Product Marketing Manager – CIJ, at Domino Printing Sciences. “High print quality and code durability are key to good performance, while reduced errors and downtime are also priorities, to drive a low cost of ownership with no compromise on OEE. Domino’s challenge is to provide a solution that ticks all these boxes.”

“We set ourselves new benchmarks with the launch of the Ax-Series last year,” continues David. “One of the key technology pillars of this range is i-Techx. This technology is designed to optimise customers’ return on investment throughout the printers’ lifetime and eliminate coding errors, by enabling the smooth integration of the Ax-Series into the production line and service support environment, while taking usability to a new level. Our strategy is to integrate the i-Techx platform into the rest of our product ranges.”

i-Techx represents a smarter coding and marking solution. The move to a flexible high-performance electronics and software platform allows Domino’s printers to be easily incorporated into the customer’s production environment. The presence of integrated sensors automates system monitoring, reducing errors and the need for operator presence. The interface design is now more intuitive and easier to navigate, making coding a more familiar process for the customer, with usability scores comparable to smartphones. 

“i-Techx played a key role in redesigning CIJ technology for the Ax-Series,” explains David. “By integrating the rest of Domino’s products into the platform, customers will be better placed to capitalise on the strengths of this technology to achieve the high level code quality required for their production lines.”

He concludes: “We are not merely launching a series of new printers – we have reset customer expectations of productivity, quality and cost of ownership.”

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