Dole GO Berries!™, which utilizes Sonoco’s packaging, was awarded Best New Packaging as part of the Produce Innovation Awards at United Fresh 2017, an expo dedicated to innovation in produce and fresh foods.

The berries are packaged in 3-packs of fun, snack-sized containers that offer snap, rinse and go convenience. The ventilated packaging promotes increased airflow around the berries, aiding cooling and improves freshness, while also making rinsing easy for consumers.

Dole GO Berries!™ snacks are packaged in 3-packs of fun, snack-sized containers that offer snap, rinse and go convenience

“Nearly half of people snack three or more times a day, and Sonoco has developed a suite of solutions – ranging from pouches to composite cans to single-serving plastic tubs – that protect food on the go, while also offering convenience to busy consumers,” said Pete Gioldasis, director of marketing, Sonoco. “Our latest solution for Dole is exciting because it’s a great way for consumers to take fresh and healthy food on the go.”

The package also offers sustainability enhancements: the plastic packaging is made with 70% recycled PET without adhesive labels, improving recyclability, and the paper sleeve is SFI-certified. Dole recently announced that the line will expand to blueberries later this summer.

“The new Blueberry Dole GO Berries! gives even more berry lovers the easiest way to enjoy their favorite snack on-the-go,” said Barbara Dan, Dole’s senior VP of innovation. “Simply snap-off one of the right-sized snack packs, rinse right in the package and enjoy the goodness of Dole Berries wherever you go. Like the original strawberry variety, the new blueberry Dole GO Berries! satisfies the growing preference to take berry snacking outside the home and provides a unique, fun, fresh and healthy alternative to snack and energy bars.”

Dole GO Berries! was one of 46 United Fresh Produce Association Innovation Award finalists displayed at the United Fresh Conference June 14-15, in Chicago, and attendees voted to determine the winners in five categories.

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