Metsä Board has announced that its packaging design for the new T2 Mini Fruit Tea range has won the first place in the Limited Edition category at The Dieline Awards 2017.   

The T2 designs previously gained a prestigious iF Design Award in the Beverages Packaging category earlier this year and a Merit Award at the 28th Hong Kong Print Awards in the category of Paper Packaging last December.

Metsä Board’s design team based in Shanghai worked closely with T2 to create the packaging as part of T2’s 2016 Christmas campaign, The Grand Most Exotic Bazaar.  The fruit shaped boxes reflect the flavour of the tea stored within them, which includes banana bake, watermelon sorbet, Turkish apple, and peach.

The design is printed on the reverse side of MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 250 gsm fresh fibre paperboard. The uncoated side was deliberately selected to echo the natural feel of the fruit and to give a softer texture to the boxes while still reproducing vivid graphics. The stiff and durable structure of MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright enabled the design team to create a 100% glue-less packaging structure through clever creasing and folding of the material. The packaging also holds up well in transport and on the shelf.

Entries into the US-based The Dieline Awards are judged on four key elements: creativity, marketability, innovation, and execution. Cyril Drouet, Metsä Board’s Design & Innovation Director, is delighted that the skill of Metsä Board’s designers and the quality of its product have been recognised amongst stiff competition and a rigorous judging process: “We are thrilled to have won first place in the Limited Edition category.  The team in Shanghai worked very hard with T2 to achieve a design that is beautiful, innovative, practical and durable, and it is very satisfying that everyone’s hard work has been rewarded in this way.”

The Dieline Awards recognises the best in consumer packaging design worldwide.  It receives thousands of entries every year from all over the globe. The T2 tea packages will be included in The Dieline Awards 2017 Exhibit at HOW Design Live 2017.

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