Improved user-friendliness

In light of the variety and complexity of the market requirements, bsb-label places a high value on ease of use. “With the POWERScope 5000, BST eltromat simplified the user interface to include only the necessary functions, which resulted in a particularly clean design,” points out Daniel Dießelhorst, who is responsible for strategic purchasing at bsb-bentlage, remarking on the system’s improvements. Machine operators only need to enter a few application parameters into the menu, such as format lengths and widths. They can accomplish that by selecting shortcut keys on the external keyboard or by using the multitouch screen.

On top of that, the POWERScope 5000 reduces the number of work steps required. “We can save settings, such as camera positions with image sections or the zoom factor, and then access these again at any time. The camera automatically moves to the corresponding positions. We need one to two minutes at most to set up the system for each job,” says Bellmann. With up to five job changeovers daily on this machine, this saves considerable time and money over the course of a year.

Quality control at all times

The split-screen function enables machine operators to contrast paused live images from the production process with reference images on the 21.5-inch wide multitouch screen – with outstanding image quality. It also allows paused images to be compared with the live images, and for image sections to be enlarged with the wear-free, electronic zoom, free of distortions. This makes is easier to view the details of the printed labels, such as the quality of the registers, and to reliably detect any irregularities. Even the punching lines are clearly visible. The digital camera provides high resolution, while the high-performance LED flash illuminates the webs evenly. 

“No BST eltromat system has experienced a failure yet,” says Dießelhorst, confirming the reliability of the technology. It’s possible that bsb-label will modify further printing machines with the POWERScope 5000. The system’s compact design will play a key role in this process.

“With our high production speeds, our printers need systems that reliably detect print quality, including the register. BST eltromat’s systems work so well that we don’t have to worry about this anymore,” adds Bellmann, summarizing the company’s experience so far. Our customers no longer receive defective labels. And the quality assurance process is easy to document.

Responsible for quality assurance of label production at bsb-label (from right to left): Peter Bellmann, Brigitte Alers, Daniel Dießelhorst, and Eckart Schmieding (BST eltromat).

The new POWERScope 5000 web monitoring system from BST eltromat allows machine operators to enter job data via shortcut keys on the external keyboard or via the multitouch screen.

The “traffic light” printed on the edge of the label rolls serves as a guide for the POWERScope 5000 web monitoring system.

The new POWERScope 5000 web monitoring system from BST eltromat features a compact design. It was integrated into a Gallus ECS 340 label printing machine at bsb-label as part of the beta test.

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