The  black sushi trays have been especially designed by Coveris Rigid Polska for Sushi To Go. The trays meet the stringent requirements of the sushi producer and satisfy even the most demanding of consumers.

Even the best foods can lose quality if inappropriately packed. This includes sushi, a special type of food which, due to its raw ingredients, requires packaging that retains its freshness and flavour for longer, and is also convenient to use.

The sushi trays are made of PET/PE foil that ensures complete protection of the product against tampering. The lid keeps the contents still and prevents movement. There is a special cavity where chopsticks are stored. With these features, the tray can be safely and conveniently carried away, the contents are protected against crushing or disintegrating, and premium flavour and visual value are retained.

The trays are manufactured in six different sizes (in cm): 230 × 100 × 35; 230 × 145 × 25; 230 × 145 × 40; 285 × 205 × 40; 229 × 180 × 25; 229 × 180 × 40.

The sushi of Sushi To Go is packed in the tray in a modified atmosphere, which helps keep the food fresh and to extend its shelf life, while also retaining its full moisture and flavour up until the expiry date. This is of the essence for Sushi To Go, which is committed to supplying quality fresh products. Their sushi is not frozen, is additive and preservative free, and contains no flavour enhancers or colouring. It is prepared according to traditional recipes that are a secret of the Sushi Zushi restaurant in Warsaw. Equally important is the aesthetic value of the sushi tray, which is simple and elegant, and above all, practical – satisfying all consumer expectations.

Sushi To Go dishes have been available in this new packaging in Poland since May 2017.

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